"Be one with the sun"


WGC Solar Bicycle Race
August 8-9,2015
STYLE: a&b ; Marathon/100km
STYLE: s ; rallye/5 hours
WGC Solarcar Rally (Solarcar / Fuel Cells Car / Green Fleet car)
August 8-11,2015
The race will be conducted on a specialized course consisting of flat and mostly straight 25 km laps, and the contestants will compete to see who can cover the most distance within 24 hours over 3 days.

Aside from battery capacity, the rules for vehicles are generally common with those of the WSC and ASC. In addition, Class G allows the entry of a variety of independently built eco-cars.

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Drowning in Oil is the headline used by economy magazines, the disaster ofcheap oil, the subsequent slow down in creating the sustainable world. To Solar Car racing, the event for the future, cheap oil is indeed a financedisaster, so very few see the need to spend when they see no present need,and swimming in oil takes away the immediate need. Little money is thenspent on Solar Car Racing.

At the Solar sports Line in Akita we work on regardless, as we know that finite fossil fuel like oil will soon run out, and I think we should learn from the Japanese government who is placing a law in front of the Japanese people called, essential food supply, I call it sustain ability for the Japanese people.

As the Earth our World is an island in the universe, Japan is an island in the sea, imported food can be cut off anytime, Japan must be able to feed its people in any emergency, at any time, the Japanese Government is preparedto make a law to ensure this.

Energy and food is the same. the World should learn from this type of thinking and ensure that we prepare to be able to run the World and indeed feed the people after Oil, in fact I find it hard to believe that even with the new essential food supply bill being passed that Japan could feed the Japanese people if oil was cut off tomorrow, even the Japanese farmer rely on Oil and fertiliser for running his farm and could not supply the crop he did last year if he was denied this supply.

One study says it takes 20 kilojoules of oil to get 1 kilojoule on to our chop stick, in fact saying that we can not feed everyone living today without oil.

A solar car can not run like a tractor, but the technology it creates can, we must fight on, create the R&D before it is needed, as we can not do this today for profit we do it as a sport, that is what the Solar Sports line is for.

Keep it up, do not despair, work on for the future, but expect no thank you till the future happens, like religion we do not do it for reward, we like the warm feeling that we have done something far greater, we are net praying in our religion-just working for the future, "heaven" is the future well being of all humans.

I am not saying that Japan should not import luxury food, and export the luxury of a nice car. I just say that renewable energy is the only way we have a sustainable future, and a bowl of rice is essential for every day for every human, that is still only a short term human condition, to have a good life we need transport and luxury food, good company and books.

March 10, 1999
WSR of Honorary Chairman

Hans Tholstrup